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Family Advocacy

The Family Advocacy Program specializes in the prevention, evaluation and treatment of family maltreatment through three program components: Family Maltreatment, Outreach and the New Parent Support Program. The Family Maltreatment component provides both consultation and treatment to families involved in family maltreatment, as well as consultation to commanders and first sergeants regarding an active duty personnel's involvement in a suspected or known case of family maltreatment, their subsequent treatment and prognosis, and safety issues of family members or victims.

The Outreach component provides education-based, family-related programs to military personnel and their beneficiaries. Briefings are conducted for commanders, first sergeants, other base agencies, and military personnel regarding family-related programs and services. Family education is offered through parenting classes, couples communication classes and support groups.

The New Parent Support Program offers a variety of educational and support services for active duty personnel and their beneficiaries who are expecting or who have children 36 months or younger. Limited marital and family therapy is available for active duty personnel and their families who meet eligibility criteria.

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